Harem Tips & Tricks for discord bot Suzuka

by Hajime, 2 years ago, last edit 2 months ago

If you use Harem in Suzuka, here are some pro-tips for you.

1. Have all 5 waifu.
2. Remind your waifu to interact with you.
3. Don't date the same waifu all the time.
4. Make sure to ping your waifu along with hdate.
5. Use Suzuka premium.

Here's all the explanation for above tips.

1. Why have 5 waifu? You can hdate one waifu once on every 30 minutes. From the other side, your waifus can also interact with you once on every 30 minutes. You get something like 1k to 1.5k Love Fluids from every hdate. When a waifu Interact with you, you also get Love Fluids. Now, if you have 1 waifu you'll get approximately 5k Love Fluids per hour. But if you have 5 waifu in your harem, you will get 5x from waifu. Which makes it around 10k Love Fluids per hour. Simple right? But there's more to it! You can also use htake command if you have 5 waifu. Htake command makes a lovely Harem Shot with all of your waifu. You can flex or share it on social media.

2. There's a chance that your waifu will forget to interact with you. By reminding them you'll get more Love Fluids, be in touch and the more interaction you get the easier it is to get the monthly Harem King.

3. Don't date the same waifu all the time! By always dating a same waifu, you get more attention from the waifu, but you get less and less attention from other waifus. If you date all of your waifus, you will get more interaction from them, and they will also fall in love more with you.

4. Ping is a bit annoying, almost always. But if you ping your waifu along with hdate command, you'll get more attention, and they will also interact more with you. They will never complain you for ping with hdate. In this way, you'll get Love Fluids and more attention from your waifu.

5. Why Premium and Which Tier? Tier 2 and 3 have tons of perks for your Harem. Tier 2 gives you +15% more Love Fluids and + 15% Waifu Affection to your waifu. You get 120 seconds less in date interval. But there is more to it. If you get Tier 3, you and your wife both will get perks from Tier 2. How cool! Now if you have your wife in your harem then you'll have also get extra Love Fluids from Interaction and more Love.

— Love your waifus and get loved by them. Stay close and enjoy your Harem.